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If you want to tryout for a GSE travel team and you have read all the info below, click on this registration link:




Tony Manino III

North Manager contact



Chris Hathaway

South Manager contact

2022-2023 CAHA 18U AA State Champions

Do you want to tryout for a GSE team?

If so, you landed on the right page.  This registration is for serious players interested in trying out for GSE.  

By registering for our tryouts, we assume that you will accept a team position, if offered.

As you can see by the length of this page and the wealth of information on it, that we are serious about hockey and we understand that you should be informed as much as possible about our program.

Tier hockey is serious hockey and if you are serious about your hockey, then you are going to want to tryout for us.

First Girls Team

For the first time in our history, we are planning on fielding a girls team - Girls 16U AA team! 

This represents the initial fulfillment of GSE's founder's long term vision to establish a competitive girls program.   GSE's vision for our girls' program incorporates the same philosophies used for our boys' program and treats the girls' program equally and on-par with our boys' program.

Our plan is to build on this fledging beginning into girls teams at multiple levels in the future.

General Info on GSE

As we begin our 12th season,  Golden State Elite (GSE) hockey program is still the top performing tier program in California and we are committed to providing an environment for you to prepare for your most important years ahead. In 2020, we were ranked in the Top 20 AA clubs in the country by Culturama.

Last season, ALL of our AA teams made CAHA's top 12 and played in CAHA's Tier II regular season. Three teams went to the CAHA State playoffs.  Our 18U AA team won the NAPHL Showcase and States and went to Nationals.

Our focus is on you, your development and providing you every opportunity to play this game at the next level. We only attract players who are dedicated to achieving excellence and those players who strive for success. We look forward to helping our players reach their goals.

In our brief history, we have had nationally ranked teams, sent multiple teams to state playoffs, took 5 state titles, and sent 4 teams to Nationals.

In order to accommodate the geographically diverse player population, GSE is split along geographic boundaries: North and South.  North teams will have practices between mainly in Vacaville and sometimes San Francisco.  South teams practice mainly in Cupertino and sometimes in San Francisco .  Weekend practices for all teams may differ.

GSE is a joint venture between Cupertino Cougars, Vacaville Jets, and San Francisco Sabercats.  For more information about us, click on the About menu.

Why tryout for GSE?

We are ranked in the Top 20 AA clubs in the nation according to CulturamaAll of our teams made CAHA's top 12 and participated in the Tier II regular season, 3 teams went to States, and we had 27 players make NORCAL Selects & Alternates.   Last season's average team winning percentage was 62.2% out-scoring our opponents by 1.48 goals per game. 
Top players
The top players throughout Northern California play for us based on our historical performance and the reputation of our coaches.  We have players that have gone on to play in the NHL, NCAA, USHL, WHL, NAHL, and other junior leagues. See our Alumni page for an ever-growing list of players that have advanced.

Our coaches are the secret sauce to what makes our program great.  Our coaches are tier coaches with years of experience coaching at a high level. 

Fixed practice schedule
Teams will have the same practice slots through out the season, so families can plan around practices in advance.  This does not apply to any bonus ice a team may receive.

Nationally Ranked
Our  teams are typically highly ranked nationally (according to  Our teams average ranking is somewhere in the top 1/3 in the nation.

We pay special attention to our goalies.  We have dedicated full-time goalie training by professional goalie coaches.  Goalies receive training during their team practices by our dedicated goalie coaches.

Our higher end teams participate in national leagues that offer showcase events for player exposure such as the NAPHL.

A lot of people talk about getting their player "seen" by scouts.  We have a scout in our program.  Mario Morrissette is a scout for the Walpole Express Junior A team (EHL).

In addition, we are frequently contacted by outside scouts.

Tryout fee

Tryout Date Early registration Late registration
12AA, 14AA, 16AA, 18AA, Girls 16AA 6/9 - 6/10 $135 (by 5/29) $150

See the registration buttons at the top or bottom of this page.

Tryout dates

Tryouts will be in-person and on ice.
June 9th, Friday:
South teams and 18U Combo in Cupertino:
      12U: 5:00 - 6:15pm
      14U: 6:30 - 7:45pm
      16U: 8:00 - 9:15pm
      18U: 9:30 - 10:45pm
North teams and Girls 16U AA Combo in Vacaville:
       12U: 7:15 - 8:45pm
       14U: 6:00 - 7:30pm
       16U: 9:00 - 10:30pm
       Girls 16U: 7:45-9:15pm
June 10th, Saturday EVERYONE in Vacaville:
        12U: 11:15am - 12:45pm
        14U: 1:00 - 2:30pm
        16U: 2:45 - 4:15pm
        Girls 16U: 4:15 - 5:45pm
        18U: 4:30 - 6:00pm


This season we will be forming the following 8 teams:

12U AA, birth years 2011 & 2012:

South (Cupertino) coached by Kevin Nathan
North (Vacaville) coached by Chris McGrew
14U AA, birth years 2009 & 2010:
South (Cupertino) coached by Justin Hubert
North (Vacaville) coached by Tony Manino III
16U AA, birth years 2007 & 2008:
South (Cupertino) coached by Mario Morrissette
North (Vacaville) coached by Dylan Dixon
Girls 16U AA Combined, birth years 2007 & 2008:
Girls Combined (Cupertino, San Francisco, Vacaville) coached by Tony Manino III and Mackenzie Boardman
Our Girls 16U AA will combine the best girls from the North and South onto one team.  
18U AA, birth years 2005 & 2006:
Combined (Cupertino, San Francisco, Vacaville) coached by Casey O'Sullivan
Our 18U AA will combine the best players from the North and South onto one team.  
Goalie Coaching (all teams):
South (Cupertino): Justin Hubert
North (Vacaville): Trevor Waechter

Contact the coaches

Feel free to reach out to the coaches with any specific team questions.

Chris McGrew

12N Head Coach

Kevin Nathan

12S Head Coach

Tony Manino III

14N & 16 Girls Combo Head Coach

Justin Hubert

14S Head Coach

Casey O'Sullivan

18 Combo Head Coach

Dylan Dixon

16N Head Coach

Mario Morrissette

16S Head Coach

Program details

We will have 2 practices per week and a third on the weekend, except when we are playing games, traveling, or on holiday.  Some teams (not all) will utilize a skills + team practice strategy, where players will practice at their most convenient rink (Cupertino, San Francisco, or Vacaville) and they will attend full team practices.

CAHA is changing their AA format for next season, so details are not yet known. Most-likely our teams will need to travel to SoCal to play games. 

Our 18 Combo team will participate in the NAPHL Showcase.

Item Description

Beginning in early August through early February (about 25 weeks for AAA and 27 weeks for AA), players will have 2 practices per week. A third practice on the weekend will be conducted when not playing games, playing at tournaments, or on holiday. No practices will be conducted on holidays or while the team is at or traveling to a tournament. Drylands and chalk talks may be included with practices or done online.

CAHA Weekend (AA teams)

We are allocating $10,000 per team towards the CAHA weekends. Teams will have to cover the costs above and beyond that amount. If the CAHA fees are less than $10K, then the left over amount will be applied to the team's tournament fees.

Goalie training

Goalies will be trained by professional goalie coaches.

Coach expenses

Coaches' USA Hockey registration, training, etc and annual stipend.


Includes team pages, season fee payment processing, mobile app, internal Facebook site, etc.

Level Fees 7 Monthly payments + $500 deposit
AA (August-mid-February) $4,400 $557.14

regular season dues

The items above are covered by the dues.

Team fees will be collected by your team treasurer for the following items not included in your dues:
* Non-league and NORCAL games
* CAHA AA costs totaling over $10,000
* AA tournament fees
* Coach and assistant coach travel expenses
* Playoff practice ice and games
* Player's travel costs

If your player makes a team, be prepared to pay a $500 deposit immediately.

If you pay your dues in full at the time of registration, you will receive a $125 discount.

Our payment plan will be spread over 7 months.  The plan starts in mid-August and runs until mid-February.


Q: What is the difference between North and South? Depending on the numbers and strength we see at tryouts, we may divide an age group into north and south teams.  North teams will be based out of San Francisco and Vacaville. South teams will be based out of Vallco and San Francisco.  Weekend practices may be conducted at any GSE rink.

Q: Can I specify my preference for North or South even though I don't live near my preferred region? Yes.

Q: Do I have to play for one of the three GSE clubs to tryout? NO.

Registration Questions?


William Stone


Registration link

Ready to tryout?  Click the registration button below. 

Good luck!  We hope to see you wearing our sweater this season!

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