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About Golden State Elite Hockey

Who are we?

Established in 2012, we provide tier-only, youth, ice hockey programs to Northern California players.  After 5 years, we have become the top performing tier club in all of California in terms of winning percentage, average goals scored per game, and fewest goals allowed per game.

We cater to players that want to play beyond youth hockey, like Juniors or College. Our coaches, in addition to being coaches, also double and triple as hockey "career counselors" and scouts. As career counselors they help guide players towards performance goals, manage their path through youth hockey and beyond, and offer advice throughout. As scouts representing organizations in North America, they become valuable "leg-up" resources for players with the caliber and ambition to move on.

Golden State Elite Hockey is the brain-child of Chris Hathaway, Larry Cahn, and William H. Stone and is a joint venture between the Cupertino Cougars, Tri-Valley Blue Devils, Vacaville Jets,  and the San Francisco Sabercats.

Why are the clubs combining to do this?

It has become increasingly obvious that the current tier talent in Northern California is few and, literally, far between. This has created a watering down effect in our AA, A, and B programs to the point where we are not competitive with similarly labeled teams from other regions.

So, the idea is to reduce the number of tier teams, concentrate the tier players into one organization, and focus the best resources and coaches on the resulting smaller group of players, i.e. all-star teams.

Tier programs take a disproportional amount of time, money, and effort away from a typical club, thus starving other programs from much-needed attention. By removing tier programs from clubs into Golden State Elite, clubs can turn their attention back to delivering and growing solid A, B, and House programs which represents the bulk of the players.

Player Profile

We are looking for players that have the following attributes/qualities:

  • Self-motivated players driven to excel, improve, and become the best
  • Players of skill and capability that want to play with other similarly-skilled players
  • Players that are serious about hockey and love the game
  • Players that are looking to play beyond youth hockey
  • Players must be willing to learn, able to play in a team environment, and be coachable

Question: Do I have to play for one of the four clubs to tryout? NO.

Imagine a program where the player next to you is the best. This motivates you to play better, faster, and harder.

Imagine a program where the player next to you loves hockey as much as you do. This keeps you and the team focused on playing good hockey.


2012-2013 season (our inaugural season):

  • 3 teams participated in CAHA finals
  • 2 teams ranked in the top 30 in the nation
  • 1 team won the state title
  • 1 team went to nationals and placed 8th

2013-2014 season:

  • 3 teams participated in the CAHA playoffs
  • 2 teams participated in the CAHA finals
  • 1 team won the state title
  • Pee wees ranked #1 in the nation by
  • 3 teams ranked in the top 35 in the nation
  • 1 team went to nationals
  • 2 teams won the regional Silverstick tournament
  • Midgets took bronze at the Richmond, Canada International Midget Tournment
  • Club's league average win % was 64.58% and average goal diff was +33

2014-2015 season:

  • M16AA team won the Arizona Ice Breaker Tournament
  • M18AA team won the Regional Silversticks
  • 16 players & goalies made the NORCAL Selects and alternates
  • M16AA team won silver at the Richmond, BC International Midget Tournament
  • Bantam AA 1 team won bronze at the Richmond, BC International Midget Tournament 
  • 2 players won the individual skills competiton at the Richmond International Midget Tournament
  • PW AAA team was a finalist at the Minnesota Gone Wild Tournament
  • 5 of 6 (or 83%) of our teams made State Playoffs
  • PW AAA team was a State finalist (GSE was the only NORCAL team in the Major AAA playoffs)
  • We have our first 2 female players
  • Our Bantam 2 (2001 birth year) team was ranked 5th in the nation according to
  • Our Peewee AAA team was ranked 24th in the nation
  • Our Midget 18 AAs were ranked 35th
  • 5 of 6 of our Midget players made the all-star team for the BCHL's Prince George Spruce Kings' camp
  • Club's league average win % was 68.8% and average goal diff was +22.5

​2015-2016 season:

  • Peewee AA North team wins the regional Silversticks
  • Midget 18 AA wins the Gold Rush Tournamentj
  • 16 (or 30%) players and goalies are selected for NORCAL Selects and alternates 
  • Bantam AAA wins the Richmond, BC International Midget/Bantam tournament
  • Bantam AA is the finalist at the Richmond, BC International Midget/Bantam tournament
  • Bantam AAA wins the Arizona Cactus Cup
  • Every team (all 6) made the state playoffs
  • PW AA South was a finalist at the Presidents' Day Invitational in Phoenix
  • PW AA North won the Tinsel Town Tournament Series
  • Midget 18 AA goes undefeated in the regular season
  • PW AA North and South and Midget 18 AA made State Finals, GSE is the only Northern California club that has multiple teams going to the State Finals
  • GSE is the only Northern California club with state titles at any tier level
  • PW AA North wins the State Championship
  • Midget 18 AA wins the State Championship
  • Midget 18 AA goes to Nationals
  • Average team winning percentage: 73.6%
  • Average goals allowed per game: 2.31
  • 6 players made the BCHL Spruce Kings Prospect Camp All-Star Team
  • 4 teams ranked in the top 70 nationally

​2016-2017 season:

  • 18U AA wins the Team Ohio Labor Day Shootout
  • 12U AA 1 wins the OC Labor Day Hockey Festival
  • Initial for our 18U AA team placed them at number ONE in the nation
  • Initial for our 12U AA South (1) team placed them at number SIX in the nation
  • Initial for our 12U AA North (2) team placed them at number SIX in the nation
  • 12U AA 1 wins the Fall Faceoff Tournament in Boise, Idaho
  • 18U AA won the Regional Silverstick Tournament in Las Vegas
  • 30 (or 40%) players and goalies are selected for NORCAL Selects and alternates
  • 12 players (including 4 females) went onto the Pacific District Select Camp/03 Camp
  • 14U South semi-finalist, Richmond International Tournament, BC
  • 14U North semi-finalist, Richmond International Tournament, BC
  • 18U quarter-finalist,  Richmond International Tournament, BC
  • 18U finalist, International Silverstick, Sarnia, ONT
  • We had a record 4 female players
  • Our 12U North AA and 18U AA teams ended the season in first place in CAHA
  • We sent a record 7 (of 8) teams to playoffs (more than any other club in CA)
  • Started the Norcal Spring Tier League
  • Three teams went to the State Finals: 12U South, 14U North, and 18U (more than any other club in CA)
  • 14U North team is the State Finalist
  • 18U team is the State Champion
  • 18U team went to Nationals in Lansing, MI and was a semi-finalist
  • 5 teams ranked in the top 60 nationally
  • Average per-team winning percentage: 66%, average goals fielded per game per team: 4.33, average goals allowed per game per team: 2.27

​2017-2018 season:

  • 24 players were selected or alternates at NORCAL Selects
  • 8 players made CAHA Selects, including one female player
  • San Francisco was approved to join GSE in 2018
  • Our 14U AA South team won the Orlando MLK Tournament
  • 6 out of 7 (86%) teams went to AA playoffs - the most of any CA team 
  • Both 14U teams ranked in the top 50 in the nation
  • Our 12U South team is ranked 4th in the nation
  • Season performance: 54% winning percentage, 3.18 goals fielded per team per game, and 2.90 goals allowed per team per game
  • Our 14U AA North team was the state finalist

2018-2019 Season:

  • 14 players made NORCAL Selects or alternates
  • Our 12U AA North team won the Colorado Cup
  • Our 16U AA team won the Minnesota Gone Wild tournament
  • Our 14 South team was a finalist at the Orlando MLK tournament
  • Our 16U team completed the season undefeated
  • Six teams made it to playoffs
  • Two teams (16U and 18DC) made it to the state finals
  • Two alumni are drafted to the NAHL: Ben Biester and Victor Ouellet-Massicotte

2019-2020 Season:

  •  Won Carmen Starr at the 14U level
  • Our 12U AA South team took 2nd at the CCM World Invite in Denver in the 2007 AAA/AA division
  • Initial MyHockeyRankings: 18s are ranked #37, 16 North is ranked #2, 16 South is ranked #108, 14 North is ranked #124, 14 South is ranked #95, 12 North is ranked #14, and 12 South is ranked #20
  • Our 12U AA North team won the Idaho October Classic Tournament
  • Our 12U AA South team won the Can/Am Tournament in Las Vegas
  • Our 16U AA North team won the CCM World Invite Tournament in Chicago



If you are interested in submitting your name to our coaches in order for them to review your potential, please use our Interest Form.

If you do not think you possess the skills just yet, our coaches can still advise you about the steps you need to take in order to prepare for an eventual tryout. So, fill out the Interest Form and indicate your intentions.

Parents: Listen to what your player is telling you and follow his/her lead. If your player is super-motived, lives/breathes/eats hockey, and has the skills, then consider our program. Pushing a player into this program will not yield a successful result.

Scout contact form

For scouts, coaches, and managers wishing to make contact with our players or coaches, please fill out this form:

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Our banners from the 2015-2016 season

Our 18U and 12U North teams won the State championships for the 2015-2016 season.